Friday, February 19, 2010

Racism, Italian style

A regional election poster in the Marche, as well as the ridiculous slogan 'priority to the Corridonians' (who?), shows that the Northern League has got to be the crudest racist party in the whole of Europe. Even Haider and Le Pen used allusion and innuendo half the time. Why is everyone in the rest of Europe so relaxed about these people running Italy?

I dream of a general strike of immigrants in Italy, so people could see what would be left of the Italian economy if the exploited mass of foreign labour were indeed spirited away, as so many Italians seem to want.

Happily, most immigrants seem to get on with making a better life for themselves, disregarding the pathetic theatre Italian politics has become under Berlusconi. I wonder if their children will be quite so forgiving.