Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Something is rotten... well, everywhere

So, after Flavio Delbono and Tiger Woods (OK, most people have never heard of Delbono, but... read previous post), now it's the turn of John Terry (who I hope is distracted by the fuss and gifts a couple to Hull City tonight. A vain hope I know).

In case you've missed it, John Terry has apparently conducted an affair with an underwear model, despite being married and elected 'Dad of the Year 2008' by HP Sauce. OK, so most of you might think that was the kind of behaviour generally expected - even required - of our top footballers. But, this is really serious. Because, the model in question had been the girlfriend of Wayne Bridge, Terry's England team-mate (revealing an unsurprising and depressingly proprietal view of women on the part of our sporting heroes).

I'm a bit puzzled as to this surge of moralistic angst. Is it a reaction to the collapse of secular western consumerist capitalism? Or the fact that newspapers would rather entertain their readers than give them the grim information about what is actually happening in the world?

I have an alternative theory - perhaps we are wheeling out our traditional family values just in time for the Pope's visit to Britain....?