Monday, March 1, 2010

Fred Pearce roundly debunked

... in this nice post from RealClimate.

If Gavin Schmidt is right, I was way too charitable to Fred Pearce in my posts here and letter to the Guardian.

Our favourite cuddly lefty climate denialist paper also announces today that 'Climate scientist at centre of email row to face questions from MPs' - Phil Jones will appear before a parliamentary committee along with his Vice-Chancellor Edward Acton, and Nigel Lawson among others. 

Now why is Nigel Lawson, the architect of Britain's last unsustainable housing boom, in the late 1980s (a boom ended when Britain left the ERM, another screw-up advocated by Lawson) testifying to parliament about climate change? Beats me. I think he would be better off sticking to the one subject on which he has real expertise - dieting.