Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brown's Leslie Nielson moment

One of my favourite scenes in Naked Gun is where Frank Drebin, miked up to give a speech to local councillors, retires to the bathroom where the sound of his ablutions are transmitted to the auditorium.

Today Gordon Brown forgot he was wearing a mic wired up to Sky News, and ranted (rather gently by his alleged standards) about a grumpy Labour voter who had berated him by for being soft on immigration, and the rest is history. Well, we'll probably have forgotten about it by next week.

So, now in Britain a politician who describes a voter as a 'bigot' has to take a 200 mile detour to go back and apologize. How humiliating. After all, if there is one thing we can be sure about, it's that nobody in the British political, economic and media elite could give a monkey's about Gillian Duffy's everyday concerns. Gordon Brown was foolish enough to say so with one of Rupert Murdoch's mics clipped to his lapel, and now has to pretend otherwise.

The truth is that all politicians are capable of saying that much and far worse, and that Gillian Duffy clearly isn't at the easy-going end of the scale when it comes to diversity. This election is truly a desperate charade. Let's hope a hung parliament comes to save us from ever having another campaign like this again.