Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cameron clegged

While I've been trapped in Canada by a cloud of volcanic ash (I never thought I'd say that) the British election campaign has been turned upside down. Nick Clegg stormed the first TV debate, and the Lib Dems have gained 8-10% in the polls, almost all at the expense of the Tories. The latest poll on the UK Polling Report site even puts them ahead: Cons 31 Lab 28 LD 32. This is truly amazing.

If this Lib Dem surge is maintained, British politics is going to be transformed. And if I wanted to minimax my losses, the flimsy nature of Conservative support looks like very good news. Over and above my natural disinclination to get the Conservatives any credit, Cameron is a genuinely superficial and vacuous politician, with no real policy proposals to speak of. The strategy of allowing Labour to lose the election rather than doing the spadework to win is clearly misfiring.

Not that that gets me home any earlier.