Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vote Conservative!

Yes, I thought I should help my blog readership make up their mind tomorrow. To my mind, voters should think about the most important issues for them, and choose the party which offers the policies they like most on those issues.

In my view, the most important issue is family breakdown, and the Conservative idea of handing married couples, no matter how many times they've been married nor how hopeless they are at bringing up their children, a tax handout at the expense of everyone else, seems to me an excellent idea.

Oh, I also like their plan to abolish inheritance tax on estates of up to a £1 million. There are a lot of impoverished old widows with million pound houses in London, you know.

So, a vote for David Cameron it is. If unlike me you're more worried about reining in the banks, promoting tolerance or protecting public services and help for the poor, maybe you should vote for someone else. This site will explain how.