Monday, June 28, 2010

What's wrong with English football

Where do I start?

Well this blog post from a few months back identifies at least one of our problems: Rupert Murdoch.

"SKY Sports England attempts to, and in most cases succeeds in brainwashing the English nation about the game of football. It is repeatedly shoved down everyone’s throats that the Premier League is the “best league in the world”, with it even allegedly being written into the contracts of staff that they have to repeat this line in order to keep their job.

The rest of the world is treated as if it doesn't exist, and Serie A is only ever reported on when there has been violence or racism. All negative events in England are covered up/toned down to protect the business product, while Sky ignore any big sporting events that they aren’t showing themselves. “We don’t have the rights to the World Cup final? Ok, we will hype up glass chin Amir Khan’s fight against some ‘world-class’ nobody instead”.

To be a Sky Sports pundit you must know absolutely nothing about non-English football, you must memorise every cliché in the book such as “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings”, you must spout out every stereotype such as “Italian players dive and are old and slow” and “Germans always score late goals”, you must believe that Claude Makelele invented the defensive midfield position, everyone learned free kicks off Cristiano Ronaldo, everyone is unproven until they have played in England - including Lionel Messi, and finally you must say that the Premier League is the “best league in the world” at least 20 times an hour."