Friday, December 10, 2010

Anarchy in the UK

Revolting stuff.

You do wonder though exactly how people are supposed to respond to what's happening. After all, we just had an election, and certain politicians 'pledged' not to increase fees, and after the election, decided to increase them threefold. This is stretching the 'trusteeship' idea of political representation a bit too far, especially since we all knew how big the deficit was by the middle of last year.

Are students expected to pay up and wait to have their say in four and a half years time? And hope that next time they won't have voted for a con artist?

One thing is certain anyway - there will be no hurry to enact the 'recall' reform the Lib Dems were banging on about before the election. The last parliament may have fiddled expenses, but it was a good deal more honest about the real business of politics than this one.