Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gray takes the fall. Keys in the clear?

So Andy Gray has been sacked, with this choice bit of misogeny proving the tipping point.
But although Richard Keys didn't unbutton his trousers in front of a female presenter, what he said about Sian Massey was actually worse than Gray's pearls of wisdom. Yet he's still in a job.

Has the fact that Gray is sueing NewsCorp, whilst Keys isn't, got anything to do with this?

Either way, one thing is clear. There is one hell of a battle going on over the BSkyB takeover, and Coulson, Cable, and the Metropolitan police have all found themselves caught up in the turbulence in one way or another. Makes you worry about the state of democracy, really. It's difficult not to conclude that the government want to push it through, and are just hesitating because they're not sure they'll get away with it.

Gray of course deserved the sack. I would have shown him the door in about 1995. I would just like to think that his sacking had at least something to do with his outrageous sexism.