Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tha' can't beat Barnsley... my Grandma used to say.

The Lib Dems might have listened to my Gran. They just finished 6th - yes, 6th - in the Barnsley by-election. 
They finished behind Labour, who grew their vote to 60% despite the by-election the result of the sitting Labour MP's imprisonment.
They finished behind UKIP (12%), who are starting to get some serious support for their basic recipe of vague xenophobia and wishful thinking.
They finished behind the Conservatives, whose 8% is what you might expect in a former mining town.
They finished behind the BNP, whose candidate Enis Dalton, despite looking vaguely foreign, got 6%.
They finished behind a local Independent, Tony Devoy. No, I've never heard of him either.
They also finished behind Colonel Ghaffadi.
But, to look on the bright side, they did manage to beat the English Democrats, the Loony Party, and another Independent candidate.
How did that 'new politics' work out for ya?

PS. I never blog about my employer, or anything (however vaguely) connected with the Middle East. Just saying.