Thursday, April 14, 2011

I couldn't live with myself

... if I killed someone by running into them on my bike. The remorse would be tough to deal with, for sure. But strangely I'd never actually thought about how I would feel as some innocent bystander's bones were mercilessly crushed under my light but sturdy 3 cm wide Mavic wheels. Not until yesterday.

The reason I'd never thought about this is because I think it's pretty unlikely to happen, in much the same way that I don't worry much about blowing my house up when I turn the gas central heating on, or burning down my office building by leaving my computer plugged in over night.

But now, thanks to Conservative MP Andrea Leadsom, I have been jolted into examining my conscience. Leadsom concedes that

'the vast majority of people killed or seriously injured on our roads are pedestrians and cyclists hit by motorists and the penalties for dangerous or careless driving are severe and rightly so'.

She then adds

'However, very occasionally it is a cyclist that causes death or serious injury to a pedestrian and yet in this case sufficient punishment does not follow.'

OK. So cyclists are getting away Scot-free with injuring pedestrians, whilst drivers are severely punished. I guess the Rhyl Cycling Club may have something to say about that. But anyway, I'm going to be extra careful now that I don't run into the next iPod-clad pedestrian that walks out in front of me. After all, one pedestrian was killed by a cyclist back in 2009, and although none were last year, it's bound to happen again at some point and I don't want to be the cyclist responsible.