Thursday, April 28, 2011

No way Jose

Jose Mourinho sees a conspiracy behind Barcelona's Champions League victory at the Bernabeu yesterday.

Well, you could make a case that Pepe may have got away with a yellow. But just before the sending off, the possession stats read Real Madrid 29%, Barcelona 71%. This is at the Bernabeu, remember. So being down to 10 men made things harder for Madrid, but they had already been chasing shadows for an hour.

And what about the goals? 0-1 happened because Marcelo fell on his arse, Afellay got a good cross in, and Messi left his marker (Alonso) standing and also beat Ramos to the ball. 10 men? Irrelevant.

Goal number 2 - Messi beats six men and slips the ball past the goalkeeper. It looked like he could have beaten another defender if he'd had to.

What Mourinho should really be complaining about is the fact he can't sign Messi.