Monday, May 30, 2011

Berlusconi discovers limits

... to Italy's patience. After winning elections for years despite a long list of judicial proceedings and dubious friends, Berlusconi has finally found out how to alienate his electorate: by engaging in sex parties with underage girls in the middle of a deep economic crisis. Berlusconi's party has lost Milan, the jewel in their crown, as well failing to recover Naples (whose centre-left administration, lets remember, filled the city with piles of stinking rubbish), Turin or Bologna. Milan is a very big deal, since Letizia Moratti (sister of the Inter Milan president) lorded it over the city for over a decade, with little opposition.

It's probably not the end, but it looks like the beginning of the end. And when Italians turn against their leaders, things can happened quickly, as Bettino Craxi - who never made it home from his holidays - found out. The parallels with Craxi are enticing - boss of Milan, at the heart of an intricate network of corrupt exchange, prime minister for a record length of time (in the 1980s) - Craxi's empire fell apart in the space of weeks in 1992 after Milanese prosecutors started investigating allegations of bribery in a care home. The same care home was the subject of investigations, once again, a few months ago. Sign the winds are changing once again?