Saturday, April 7, 2012

My London vote

This could swing the election...

Right, given that the London vote is quite a bit more complicated than a parliamentary election (ie, which candidate has the best chance to beat a Tory, right I'll vote for him/her), this requires a little bit of thought.
We have effectively four votes (it's explained - not terribly well - here), and this gives us a bit of scope to present a more nuanced account of our preferences. So here goes.

Mayoral vote: here we have two shots, a first and a second preference. My first preference is probably for the Green Jenny Jones, since the main area that the mayor has power over is transport, and the Greens have the only reasonable transport policy (in another words, one that doesn't push everyone that isn't in a car out of the way). But given that she can't win, I'll give my second choice to Ken, as the realistic candidate to beat Boris (I'm assuming Brian Paddick's association with the desperately unpopular Lib Dems, and his attempt to cover up racism in the Met back in 2004, makes him an unlikely winner). Oh, and I am a Labour Party member....

For the Assembly vote, we have a more complicated arrangement, where we vote for both constituency and PR members. My constituency vote is for Labour, since my guess is that in Enfield and Haringey it will be a straight Conservative-Labour fight (again Lib Dems presumably damaged by their serial errors and spinelessness in government). My PR vote is again Green, since they're sure to get some representation under PR, but unlikely to win a constituency seat. The official website doesn't explain if there is any compensation for constituency losers in the PR vote (as in Germany, Scotland and Wales, or Italy 1994-2006), but I don't think there is, and in any case I would give Green representation higher priority than Labour representation in London, given the importance of transport issues where the Greens are in my view the only serious party.

So there you have it, the people have spoken.